Saturday, September 22, 2007

Me smart, tarzan cool - Tarzan Reviews

Tarzan is rasied by apes, one of which does not think he should even be there. But rasied nontheless. He becomes a human ape riding through the jungle like a skateboard or cement, but ever so graceful. Until humans come and mix it up and he falls for Jane in ways that almost seem harmful for those that are caught inbetween. I loved the way that Tarzan got through the jungel that was so awsome dude. The musice surved its purpose with what was going on. The moments that were touching were when Kala(?) had a conversation with young Tarzan about how they are similar despite what they look like. And when he is an adult dressed in a tux and leaving her. Tarzan's buddies the Elephant and the small ape were funny. tHey had funy lines like "Are you sure this water is sanatary?" Tarzan trying to get an elephant hair was funny. The whole scene was funny. I think I laughed a little after it was done This is one of my favoirte Disney films. One that I could watch over and over again. I liked it a lot because Tarzan was awsome. He did not have to speak too much to get the girl, but I guess that gave Jane more time to talk-that is why she like him. She got more talk time. But he did not understand her-as is true in real life. TARZAN RULES>

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