Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tarzan - Tarzan Reviews

Man what a great movie it is. I loved all the songs, and music. This is one of those movies which I can watch hundred times. Every time I watch this movie it gives me a new refreshing experience. I wish that the woman of my life would be like Jane.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Two thumbs down - Tarzan Reviews


The most wonderful movie i have ever see - Tarzan Reviews

The best walt disney movies.......if you did not see it before you have to see it right now.... before I will brust laughing of what you have missed .... Big mistake not to see the movie thousands of times....

I love it. - Tarzan Reviews

Even though I am in junior high I love this movie! I love the way Tarzan is obnoctious at first and then meets Jane and slowly grows more civilized as Jane and Tarzan fall for each other. And are soon torn apart by their seperate worlds. And it ends in heartbreak and glory and romance.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tarzan review - Tarzan Reviews

This movie is wonderfull. I was like 7 when first saw it and I remeber thinking wow what a great story. You should go see it ....Stop reading and go rent no BUY the movie....NOW GO!!!

Loved it - Tarzan Reviews

I like the romantic part. But hey, I'm a romantist so whats to be expected. It's sad that his parents are taken from him at such an early time in life. It was sad too that the gorila that became his replacement mother had lost her little baby to the same preditor. Sometimes life is that way though. But what I find neat about this movie is that in away God gave the mother gorila what she needed to comfort her and He gave the baby boy who came to be know as Tarzan what he needed to continue to survive. All in all I think that this is a wonderful movie.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Instant classic - Tarzan Reviews

I Watched Tarzan and its was the bomb!!! Disney Really did it this time, This turned out to be an instant classic. Its funny and in some parts very touching, especially where Tarzan finds put hes a human.

Kids fun - Tarzan Reviews

This movie is a fun movie for the kids. Lots of animals (obviously) and the story is a famous one. This movie is not in the class of say a Toy Story or Bugs Life but it is good. Loved the way he "slides" around on the trees.

Pretty good! - Tarzan Reviews

Undoubtably an intelligent family film. You couldn't get much better than this. Plenty of fun for the entire family. Missing not recommended!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ooh ooo ahh!!! (that's gorilla for "fantastic"!!!) - Tarzan Reviews

I love this movie! It is a wonderful, very moving love story about a boy raised by apes in the jungle. Classic Disney film surely to be remembered for a very long time! Phil Collins made great music for this film. If you like this movie, I would suggest also watching "Brother Bear" and "Dinosaur" (both are Disney films).

Great - Tarzan Reviews

One of my favorite! Very moving, especially when Tarzan puts his hand against hers. I love Tony Goldwyn so much! I absolutely love his voice and I melt every time I hear it. Sabrina B.

Disney's true crowning achievement - Tarzan Reviews

This is probably the coolest animated Disney film around! The animals got my attention, as well as Jane and the famous Tarzan yell! Phil Collins also delivers an excellent soundtrack!